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About Us

Above Orders, Customer Delight

Our customers use our special steels and alloys to make bigger and better products. We ensure through our ISO certified process, that an extensively tested and quality certified product is finished, and delivered  to your size specification. 

This has led to immense savings on cost, time, logistic and reliability.

With faster turnaround times, it is pure customer delight, again and again, bit by bit.

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Special Alloy

 Material for high endurance bending strength, cold rolling. Cut upto 600 mm dia


Intensive quality checked steel which are further pre-sized to your specifications.


Case Hardening Steels

Heavy Duty Gearings, Air Craft & Transport Vehicles Button Bits for Borwell Boring, Automobile Transmission Parts.


Components requiring maximum Surface hardness of a Nitrided Case combined with a Fairly High core strength


Quality Materials, Forging Success

As your trusted supplier, we are thrilled to offer a wide and diverse range of Special Steels and Alloys to meet your every need! Our commitment to your satisfaction is reflected in our rigorous Lab Quality checks, which means no need for additional testing on your end. Plus, our ISO certified process ensures that you receive only the highest quality materials that meet and exceed your expectations every time. Our extra steps and attention to detail provide you with the peace of mind you need to focus on your fabrication process and deliver top-quality products to your customers.

With significant stocks on hand, there’s never any need to factor lead time into your planning. We are fully committed to keeping up with the increasing scope for materials gaining popularity and demand, particularly in critical industries. So rest assured, you can count on us to deliver the high-quality results you deserve, every time!


Service Excellence, Shaping Industries

Access to prime materials, backed with trusted reliability in a variety of industries. Our satisfied customers range in a variety of industries such as aerospace, precision bolt, high strength fitments, automobile, heavy industries, precision instrument and more. Our 1000+ client list has depended on our predictable quality and predictable delivery

What We Have?

Unleash Your Potential with Us

Knowing that you are in good hands, you can rely on our experience and guidance and assist you in choosing appropriate materials for your applications.

The engineering process for materials requires a more precise level heating, cooling and resting time besides the composition materials need to be at particular standards. Sometimes these factors can creep into the process and factor in flaws. Even an inappropriate choice of material for your application can lead to unwanted results. Tools used and even angle of attack may not be suitable for the material being used

Your applications are precise. Materials without any primary testing may put your final production at risk. Unwanted failures can setback your time and even reputation. It also leaves you with burden to hire an external agency to certify the materials and this can lead extra logistics as well as extend your time for follow ups.

Manufacturers certificate indicating the properties of the material for the lot as well the grade. Diameter check of the bar plus a scrape and spark test. A surface check for rust and any unwanted debris. Depending on the material application various other tests are performed like bend testing, tensile testing, heat tolerance testing. More inspection methods are also employed like ultrasound, radiography, chemical composition, eddy current, liquid penetration, magnetic particle tests.

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How We Work

Our Working Process

A single point of contact during your relationship with us. No running around through departments and people.

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Customer Order

Your order specifications are careful respected and material assignment from stock or purchase undergo thorough inspections.

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Production Planning

Your material undergoes a sample test procedure and probed for quality identification before it is put into to full production and further inspected at the end of production

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Packing and dispatch

After satisfactory product production, the items are meticulously packed for transport where it undergoes another final inspection.

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Feedback for your entire order experience and material quality are mandatory for us to ensure that you have received a prime product with efficient service

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Material REferences

Learn some insights into the world of Steels through Our Reference Manuals!

Steel compositions have evolved over the years and knowing the most appropriate material to use can determine your costs, quality and relliablility. We have garnered some useful reference material and charts to help you narrow down and verify the material you seek to use for your application.

Partner with us in Shaping the Future !